What we do

The Company

We provide a comprehensive platform for developers to build fast and scalable apps in less time.

Baqend develops a cloud backend, to help programmers build instantly-loading websites with a novel caching algorithm. We enable digital companies, agencies, startups, publishers, e-commerce providers, and developers to create websites and mobile apps with higher productivity and provide unprecedented performance in terms of response times and scalability. To this end, our Backend-as-a-Service features ready-to-use, highly accelerated APIs for building websites and apps.

The goal of our research-backed, serverless platform is to help you:

  • Speed up your page load time by a factor of 10-15x to improve conversion rates, traffic, and engagement. Test this: https://benchmark.baqend.com
  • Shorten your time-to-market: ready-to-use APIs for data and file storage, complex queries, user management, full-text search, analysis, scalable server-side business logic and real-time queries - compatible with all common frontend frameworks (Angular, React, etc.).
  • All APIs are automatically accelerated with our global web caching technology.
  • Real-time cache consistency: updates propagated to CDNs and browser caches in below 200ms. Works for files, JSON data, and query results.
  • Focus on your application logic: Baqend scales your database storage and computing resources automatically, based on your workloads.
  • Get started quickly: Baqend starter kits for many frameworks, flexible dashboard for management, powerful CLI for deployment and testing.
  • Built-in network optimizations: HTTP/2, managed SSL, DDoS protection, compression, caching and automatic failover.
  • Accelerating an existing application? Contact us to embed the Baqend worker on your site to easily use Baqend caching without rewriting your code.

For press inquiries please email: press@baqend.com

Who we are

Baqend Team

Baqend is a spin-off from database research at the University of Hamburg with currently 11 highly engaged people. 1000+ applications are already built on our platform. Our mission is a web without loading times. Join us in building a faster web.

Felix Gessert

CEO, Research, Founder

Florian Bücklers

CTO, Development, Dev-Ops, Founder

Hannes Kuhlmann

Development & Security, Founder

Malte Lauenroth

CFO, Sales & Marketing, Founder

Erik Witt

Full-Stack Developer

Knuth Strecker


Wolfram Wingerath

Full-Stack Developer

Sven Decken

Full-Stack Developer

Kevin Twesten

Full-Stack Developer

Konstantin Möllers

Full-Stack Developer

Julian Tiemann

Full-Stack Developer