Stable Performance for Online Shops in the Crisis
Due to the Corona crisis, e-commerce is facing massive challenges.People are staying at home. The increasing traffic is overwhelming thenetworks – Netflix and others already started to throttle. As aconsequence, page load times in shops are increasing. At the sametime, anxiety and tension are rising. Therefore, not only the overallconsumption drops. According to a study by Google, customers perceiveall page loads as being dramatically slower.
Immediate Measure for Shops
With immediate effect, we are offering Speed Kit as a counter measure for online shops affected by COVID-19.

Instant Help

Simple add-on for 1.5 - 3x faster page loads, ready within 2 days.

Fast Performance

Maximum speed in the shop despite congested networks (caching, image optimization).

Regain Stability

Easily defy any traffic peaks and more concurrent users with stable page load times.


Proactive speed & problem monitoring by our team to take instant action.

Secure SEO Rank

Speed impact on SEO rank for more traffic to compensate for shrinking marketing budgets.

Retain Customers

Retain and convert anxious customers with a frictionless on-site experience.

Get Immediate Speed Aid
All implementation and onboarding fees waived
Use Speed Kit for special terms during the crisis
Free consulting for affected retailers and manufacturers