Platform Enterprise

Baqend is a hosted backend, to help developers build instantly-loading websites with a novel caching algorithm. Our goal is to make your websites and apps fast, without you having to care about anything. Baqend is Software-as-a-Service that gives you a powerful API to develop scalable applications in less time.

The high-performance backend for modern enterprises

With Platform Enterprise you can run our platform on your infrastructure (e.g. a corporate data center), while still making use of our caching integration with CDNs and other web caches for optimal performance.

Private Cloud

Platform Enterprise can be hosted on any infrastructure to give you maximum control.

Custom Integrations

Legacy systems (e.g. existing databases) can be connected to combine them with Baqend's algorithms.


If requested, we can help or fully develop websites and mobile apps ourselves and with partners.

Support & Training

For Platform Enterprise, we offer on-premise support, training, set-up and maintenance.

Streamline your development process.

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Make fast page loads your competitive advantage

Fast websites are more successful. Today, an average website takes 110 requests and over 3 MB to load. Here are the studies.

Average Website Load: 9.3s

With every 100ms of additional page load time, revenue decreases by 1%.
400ms of additional page load time results in 9% less visitors.
When increasing load time of search results by 500ms, traffic decreases by 20%.
Increasing page load time by 1s decreases conversions by 7%.

Demonstration of Baqend

Are you curious about Baqend? Let us personally show and explain.

Quick overview on how to successfully build and run applications on Baqend.
Ask us any questions on how to tackle performance and development pain points.
A guided tour through the Baqend dashboard and the development process.

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Fact Sheet: Baqend for Enterprises

Learn how Baqend platform helps enterprises build and run successful and scalable apps in this PDF fact sheet.

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