Push Notifications

In this section, we describe how Push Notifications works for Speed Kit. Baqend provides the ability to send push notifications to end users devices. For the corresponding feature in Baqend Platform, see the Platform docs on push notifications.

Web Push Setup

Currently, push notifications in Speed Kit are only available for Web Push.

To enable push notifications for your website for Web devices (e.g. Firefox, Chrome), you need to generate a VAPID key pair in your settings. To do this, go to the Push Notifications section in the dashboard settings and press the Generate VAPID keys button.

Default Configuration

With the default configuration, push notifications are available in Speed Kit from the start.

The best practice guide from Google might help you here.

Web Push Registration

Before subscribing the user's device to your push notifications, the user needs to grant permission for receiving them from the browser. The Speed Kit snippet provides a method to subscribe the user to push notifications that automatically prompts the user for permission. By calling this method, you can decide when to ask the user for permission.


The SpeedKit.subscribe() method returns a Promise which resolves to a String: WebPushState. For further information about promises read the Promise guide.

One of the following states will be returned:

WebPushState Description
unsupported The device of the user does not support push notifications.
undecided The user did not decide wether to receive or not receive push notifications, instead, she dismissed the dialog.
denied The user denied receiving push notifications.
registered The user is registered for push notifications.
unregistered The user is accepts receiving push notifications but is not registered in Baqend.

Sending Push

Push notifications can be sent through your app dashboard.

Sending Push Notifications from the Dashboard

Using the Baqend dashboard, you can send push notifications to your users in realtime, ranging from short sentences to interactive messages asking for the user's opinion.

To send a push notification from within the dashboard of your app, just open the Send Push page of the side bar, accessable through the Progressive Web App menu entry. On the Send Push page, you can set a title, a message and further options for your notification. Clicking on the Send to all devices button will then trigger the notification. You'll be asked to confirm the action to avoid accidently sending notifications. It is also possible to send the notification to your dashboard to see a preview by clicking the Preview button.

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