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Detailed Pricing Information (Monthly)


The number of HTTPS requests handled by Speed Kit for images, stylesheets, HTML, etc. This number depends on your black- and whitelisted content. Cache hits in the browser are free.
First 150K Requests
Next 10M Requests
0.34€ / 10K Requests
Next 140M Requests
0.25€ / 10K Requests
Next 360M Requests
0.20€ / 10K Requests
Over 500M Requests


The number of Gigabytes served through Speed Kit. Only actual network traffic is counted.
First 4 GB
Next 200 GB
0.34€ / 1 GB
Next 3000 GB
0.27€ / 1 GB
Next 7000 GB
0.25€ / 1 GB
Over 10 000 GB

We also offer support contracts, SLAs, all-inclusive plans, and setup assistance. To discuss this, please contact sales@baqend.com.
Speed Kit helps Baur.de stay ahead of the competition by accelerating page loads through cutting-edge technology.
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The entire Baqend team has impressed us with their exceptional technical prowess, extremely fast response times, and a silky smooth onboarding experience for deploying Speed Kit on Baur.de.
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Through our partnership with Baqend, we can provide page speed as a service to our customers: The Plesk interface enables intuitive server administration, while Speed Kit accelerates the selected websites with a single click.
Speed Kit brought suntours.de from over 2 seconds to less than one second loading time and it was super-easy to set up.
Speed Kit not only makes page loads for Fussballdaten.de twice as fast. Our servers could also handle the notorious end-of-season load peaks with ease. Through the Dynamic Blocks feature, our live tickers are further always up-to-date – it's the best of caching, but without staleness!
As a startup we have limited resources to optimize our wordpress page. We need a lot of videos and images to explain our augmented reality product without compromising on page loading time. The Baqend wordpress plugin provides a quick and easy to setup solution to solve our problem, which greatly reduced our website’s loading time!
Other WordPress plugins for web performance are either complex or not effective. Speed Kit is different: It is easy to configure and still shaves a whole second off nect.com load times.
Baqend is an amazing platform for startups as it completely removes the need for a complex relational database, as well as the layers that go with that approach. This way you just install their SDK and you're off! We love it.
The lightweight initial setup process without any own technical infrastructure gets you started instantly. Any issues or questions are addressed in a quick and comprehensive manner by the baqend team. Scalability and stunning performance are integrated by default!
The conversion rate of our Baqend-based shop was 7.8% at 100K users in a couple of minutes. Experts from industry told us we wouldn‘t be able to reach 1%. A significant factor for this success was the incredible page load time of under one second.
The Baqend team has been great to work with. Their support is very responsive and helpful, making it a joy to build hybrid apps on their backend platform from the concept phase to the launch.
As seasoned e-commerce specialists, we asked ourselves: Is it possible to build a shop with a Google Page Speed Score of 100? With our newest shop www.thinks.com, we now know that it's possible! We built the complete site in one month using the lightweight Baqend Platform with a slim JavaScript + CSS frontend.
I am amazed by Baqend's power and usability. During development, I found it to be versatile, while still delivering on performance. Baqend makes bold claims and keeps every bit of them.
Grabarz & Partner is one of Hamburg's leading web agencies with a strong frontend team. Since we did not want to host and develop a custom backend, the "serverless" approach of Baqend was a great technical fit. Using Baqend Platform, we successfully implemented a scalable (thousands of concurrent users) and high-performing (sub-second loads) voting application in 3 weeks instead of 12 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you protect my data?

To protect your data and make everything as safe as possible, we rely on the Amazon AWS datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany. AWS offers the most advanced and secure cloud solution available in the industry.

We also support TLS to secure your connections to our service.

Do you offer agreements on commissioned data processing?

If you have to store personal data and need to sign an data processing agreement to be data protection compliant (e.g. ADV), please contact us.

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