Baqend Guide

Learn how to use Baqend to develop your app. Just click a topic below to get more details.

Tutorial A tutorial how
to write a to-do
app with Baqend.
Quickstart How to embed Baqend
in your JavaScript app
to get started quickly.
Starter Kits Some starter kits for
popular frameworks
integrating Baqend.
Overview An overview over
Baqend's architecture
and ecosystem.
Dashboard Manage your Baqend
app's data, schema,
and settings online.
CLI Work with your
Baqend app from
your terminal.
Setup How you set up
and get running
your first app.
CRUD Learn to perform basic
create, read, update,
and delete operations.
Schema and Types See how to setup
your app's data model
and types.
Queries Retrieve specific data
from Baqend by
performing queries.
Real-Time Queries Track results of
complex queries
in real time.
User Management Change access rights
by managing users,
roles, and permissions.
Baqend Code Write server-side
code and handlers
in pure JavaScript.
Push Notifications Send push notifications
to inform users
of your app.
Deep Loading Learn how Baqend
persists your data
and use deep loading.
Hosting Deliver your app
blazingly fast to users
using Baqend Hosting.
Files Use the file storage to
upload and download
files, like images or CSS.
Caching Learn how Baqend
caches your data and
what it asserts.
Logging Ease the debbuging
of your app by
logging its status.
Note: If you have any questions not answered by this guide, feel free to contact us via or the chat on the bottom.