Ionic and Baqend Starter

With this Ionic 1 and Baqend starter kit you can build blazingly fast hybrid apps in no time.

This starter is based on the Ionic-Tabs-Starter.


The easiest way to use this starter is to use the ionic cli:

$ git clone git@github.com:Baqend/ionic1-starter.git
$ cd ionic1-starter
$ npm install -g ionic cordova
$ npm install
$ ionic serve

The ionic app is already connected to a Baqend test instance. To connect it to your own Baqend instance change the variable appName in the service.js to the name of your Baqend instance. If you will use your app on iOS please replace app-starter with your Baqend instance name at the bottom of the config.xml.

The app uses a Message object, which is defined in the Baqend schema. It has three string attributes: name, text, face.

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