Why Speed Kit?

With Speed Kit, your website becomes a fully-fledged Progressive Web App (PWA): Users will experience faster page loads through Speed Kit's request acceleration and less downtime through the built-in offline mode.

Page load time is money

Did you know that Amazon would lose more than 1.3B USD in revenue per year, if their website became a 10th of a second slower. It is also true for publishers, whose business model depends on a user experience that facilitates consumption of as much content as possible. However, many brands, publishers, and e-commerce businesses have heterogeneous and complex technology stacks that make it extremely hard to tackle performance, scalability, and page load time. Novel browser technologies now offer a means of making web performance as simple as including a script.

Baqend has developed Speed Kit that directly hooks into an existing website and makes it 50-300% faster. Therefore, Speed Kit uses Service Workers which come with a browser support of > 75% and automatically enable an offline mode for users of your website. Because it works for any website, it is the perfect solution for Publishers, Landing Pages, E-Commerce, Brands, and Agencies.

Measure the Improvement!

With our Page Speed Analyzer (docs), you can put a number on how much faster Speed Kit will make your website. Just enter the URL of your website and we will compare the speed of your current website and an accelerated version and hence by Speed Kit.

Learn More

For a gentle introduction into how Speed Kit works, have a look at the overview section. For additional details, see the following resources:

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