Speed Kit Explained.

Watch this short video, to learn how Speed Kit can help you make fast page loads your competitive advantage.

For Everyone.

Speed Kit is the perfect tool for Publishers, Landing Pages, E-Commerce, Portals, and Agencies to make their websites faster and the backend scalable to more users.

Faster Page Loads

Speed Kit hooks into your existing website and makes it 50-300% faster.

Works For Any Site

Extremely easy integration of Speed Kit into your current tech stack.

Offline Mode

Speed Kit turns your site into an offline-browsable Progressive Web App.

Broad Browser Support

Speed Kit uses Service Workers (coverage >75%) and gracefully degrades when they are not available.

Boost your website in 3 simple steps.

Tell Speed Kit the domain to make fast

In your account simply configure which sites Baqend should make fast.

Include the code snippet

The snippet provides a Service Worker script that reroutes your existing website's requests through Baqend's caching infrastructure.

Enjoy unparalleled performance

Your website will be 50-300% faster as Baqend automatically applies network optimizations and sophisticated caching.

How it works

Speed Kit uses Service Workers to accelerate the requests made by your website



When your website loads a resource (e.g. an image or script), Speed Kit intercepts the HTTP request. If your config does not exclude the content type or URL, Baqend handles the request.


Speed Kit routes the request through Baqend's caching infrastructures. In most cases, the response is already cached and returned with very low latency.


Whenever content changes, you call the Baqend API (or click the button), so Baqend immediately refetches changed content. Baqends caching algorithms automatically update all caches in realtime (including users' browser caches).

WordPress Plugin

The WordPress-Plugin makes installing Speed Kit a one-click experience

Download Plugin Documentation

Make fast page loads your competitive advantage

Fast websites are more successful. Today, an average website takes 110 requests and over 3 MB to load. Here are the studies.

Average Website Load: 9.3s

With every 100ms of additional page load time, revenue decreases by 1%.
400ms of additional page load time results in 9% less visitors.
When increasing load time of search results by 500ms, traffic decreases by 20%.
Increasing page load time by 1s decreases conversions by 7%.

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