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At Grabarz & Partner we have a very strong frontend team. Since we did not want to go through the pain of developing and hosting a custom backend, the "serverless" approach with Baqend was a perfect fit for us. Using Baqend we were able to successfully implement a scalable and high-performing application in an extremely short amount of time.

Stephan Gerbeth
Development Team Lead at Grabarz & Partner

Managed Service

Baqend Cloud

Baqend Cloud hosts your application data and business logic and delivers it over our global caching infrastructure for performance at the physical optimum. Starting is very easy. You can for instance begin by hosting cached images and grow to a full backend later. Learn More


Baqend Enterprise

With Baqend Enterprise we provide our platform on top of any infrastructure you choose: on-premise, other cloud providers, etc. while maintaining full caching support through all the layers from the browser cache to the CDN. Learn More

Free Version

Baqend Community Edition

The Baqend Community Edition is a free, single-server release of the Baqend platform (think: MySQL). It comes with all features included (user management, cloud code, etc.) except CDN-support and multi-server. It is free for personal and commercial use. Learn More


Start Developing Faster

Using Baqend for your applications is really easy. The interactive 10 minute tutorial shows you how to build a sharable todo list.

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Baqend's Features

Developing Fast Web Applications Has Never Been Easier

Leave the complexities of distributed systems and network optimization behind. Baqend was built to give you the easiest API to built awesome applications, by storing your data and files and making them fast.

Powerful API

Performing queries, logging in a user, storing some data - it's all a matter of simple API calls. The Baqend REST API and JavaScript SDK are intuive to master by front- and backend-developers alike.

Made for Developers

Our goal is to make recurring tasks as simple as possible. In most cases you will not have to do any backend development. Schemas, ACLS and included modules handle the standard concerns of modern web applications.

Fast and Scalable by Default

Web performance tuning is not only time-consuming but also hard to get right. With Baqend we take care of caching your data and keeping it fresh. This results in vastly reduced network latency.


There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

Phil Karlton

Read how our research on Cache Sketches solves one of those for you.

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