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Features That Boost Your Development

  • Global Caching

    Baqend uses web caches around the world to speed up every request. With assets, files and database objects directly served from the nearest cache (e.g. the browser), your page loads become imperceptible. Baqend uses novel algorithms from database research to keep the cached data consistent at all times. Learn more

  • Serverless Apps

    With Baqend you build your web applications as a rich client using our JavaScrip SDK. Baqend takes the part of your application server, which offers both commonly needed features as modules (e.g. login & registration) and the opportunity to run your own server-side code. You not need to think in "servers" anymore, as Baqend takes care of all the infrastructure. Learn more

  • Scalability

    Baqend is built as a highly scalable system that easily serves hundreds of thousands of requests per second. Load spikes and sudden flash crowds are no problem at all. See our success story of a Baqend-based shop presented to an audience of millions.
    Learn more

  • High Availability

    The Baqend cloud platform is hosted on AWS in Frankfurt, Germany. The replicated architecture helps to distribute load over multiple servers and enables Baqend to guarantee high availability, even if servers fail. Learn more

  • Hosting

    Hosting your website is a central part of Baqend to achieve great page load times. You can use our command line tool or the dashboard to easily upload your files and configure your own domains. This feature is included in the starter tier, i.e. you can host extremely fast websites on a custom domain completely free. Learn more

  • Rich Data Models

    With the Baqend dashboard you can define rich data models. You create classes with attributes and embedded objects. You can choose from a rich list of predefined data types, create custom ones or use plain JSON. You can view and change data and schemas in the dashboard. Learn more

  • Data & File Storage

    Storing data and files directly from within your application frontend is easier than ever using the Baqend JavaScript SDK. The CRUD interface lets your create, read, update and delete objects and files. The SDK knows about your data model and manages the whole caching magic from you. Learn more

  • Queries

    Baqend also has a rich and easy to use query language that is similar to MongoDB but with a nice and intuitive builder pattern. As with the data and file storage, you get full cache acceleration of queries built into the SDK. Learn more

  • Real-time & Push

    For real-time applications like chats, Baqend supports push notifications as well as full-blown streaming queries. Using these, you can subscribe to any query and receive all changes to the result set immediately. With minimal code you can write powerful and scalable online games, social applications, shops, collaborative platforms, etc.
    Learn more

  • Users & OAuth

    User management is a first class citizen in Baqend. The APIs for registering and logging in users are extremely simple and secure. Baqend comes with OAuth support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and GitHub - specify your credentials and you are good to go. Learn more

  • Access Control

    Access to your data can be controlled via Access Control Lists (ACLs) using the dashboard or the APIs. You can define which users, groups or roles can access and change your data at the level of whole tables or individual objects. Learn more

  • Backend Code

    You can also define custom code modules and handlers that are executed server-side. This lets you implement processes like payments or define validation rules for updates by clients. There are endless possibilities as you can use the whole Node.js & NPM ecosystem while we take care of the servers. Learn more

  • JavaScript SDK

    The JavaScrip SDK is what you will use most of the time when building dynamic web applications. It exposes all of Baqend's features and contains the caching logic that speeds up your requests. It is compatible with ES5, ES6, TypeScript and all your favourite frontend frameworks in order not to limit your choices and creativity.
    Learn more

  • CLI & Starter Kits

    The Baqend CLI makes it extremely easy to start, develop and deploy your website. To get started quickly use one of our pre-configured starter kits for Bootstrap, Angular2 or Ionic. Learn more


    As Baqend heavily makes use of web infrastructure it has a very clean REST/HTTP interface. The JavaScript SDK is just a wrapper for easy access. But you can always fall back to using the low level REST API or generate an native SDK for your favorite language using Swagger.
    Learn more

  • Hybrid Apps

    Baqend is a great tool for building fast and powerful hybrid apps. This lets your focus on the user experience while we take care of storing your data and running your code. Use our Ionic starter kit to get started. Or simply plug the Baqend SDK into your Cordova/PhoneGap, React Native, Framework7 or Onsen UI project.
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Managed Service

Baqend Cloud

Cloud functionality

Baqend Cloud hosts your application data and business logic and delivers it over our global caching infrastructure for performance at the physical optimum. Starting is very easy. You can for instance begin by hosting cached images and grow to a full backend later. Learn More


Baqend Enterprise

Enterprise features

With Baqend Enterprise we provide our platform on top of any infrastructure you choose: on-premise, other cloud providers, etc. while maintaining full caching support through all the layers from the browser cache to the CDN. Learn More

Free Version

Baqend Community Edition

Community Source Code

The Baqend Community Edition is a free, single-server release of the Baqend platform (think: MySQL). It comes with all features included (user management, cloud code, etc.) except CDN-support and multi-server. It is free for personal and commercial use. Learn More


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Baqend is a cloud-backend to develop and run your websites and mobile apps to make them load fast and reduce development effort.

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Baqend's Features

Developing Fast Web Applications Has Never Been Easier

Leave the complexities of distributed systems and network optimization behind. Baqend was built to give you the easiest API to build awesome applications, by storing your data and files and making them fast.

Powerful API

Performing queries, logging in a user, storing some data - it's all a matter of simple API calls. The Baqend REST API and JavaScript SDK are intuive to master by front- and backend-developers alike.

Made for Developers

Our goal is to make recurring tasks as simple as possible. In most cases you will not have to do any backend development. Schemas, ACLS and included modules handle the standard concerns of modern web applications.

Fast and Scalable by Default

Web performance tuning is not only time-consuming but also hard to get right. With Baqend we take care of caching your data and keeping it fresh. This results in vastly reduced network latency.


There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

Phil Karlton

Read how our research on Cache Sketches solves one of those for you.

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