Page load time is money. Amazon found that 100 ms of additional load time cost them 1% of annual revenue – over $1.7 billion every year. Similarly, Google measured that 500 ms of additional page load time decrease ad revenues by 20%. If all shops loaded 1 s faster, the global e-commerce revenue would be $284000000000 higher.

Speed Kit accelerates websites by 50–300% through an easy-to-add script. It optimizes website traffic with novel caching algorithms, to dramatically improve both page loads and navigation. The speed-up leads to increased conversions, time-on-site, and user satisfaction. Once Speed Kit is included, it keeps the website state-of-the-art in web performance. With Baqend Platform, new websites and mobile apps can be developed directly against a distributed cloud backend to achieve optimal performance right from the start.

As a research spin-off, we have the mission to redefine web performance and make instant loading ubiquitous. Therefore we built a team of the best developers we could possibly find. Currently twelve people are working on Baqend's vision of a faster web.


Baqend is based in Hamburg, Germany (in the "Schanzenviertel").


Today, Baqend has an excellent team of 12 people – mostly developers.

Research Spin-Off

Baqend is spin-off from the database group at the University of Hamburg.
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Meet the team

These people just love fast websites.

Felix Gessert

CEO & Co-Founder

Florian Bücklers

CTO & Co-Founder

Hannes Kuhlmann

Team Leader & Co-Founder

Malte Lauenroth

Customer Success & Co-Founder

Erik Witt

Team Leader

Wolfram Wingerath

Full-Stack Developer

Sven Decken

Full-Stack Developer

Kevin Twesten

Full-Stack Developer

Konstantin Möllers

Full-Stack Developer

Jörn Domnik

Full-Stack Developer

Julian Schenkemeyer

Full-Stack Developer

Brigitte Kwasny

Full-Stack Developer

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