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We provide a comprehensive platform for developers to build fast and scalable apps in less time.

The Baqend GmbH (founded in July 2014) develops the Backend-as-a-Service platform Baqend, which leverages new research results to achieve unique benefits. The platform empowers customers to develop data-driven websites and mobile apps with higher productivity while at the same time guaranteeing unprecedented performance in terms of response times and scalability. The target audience of the platform that is available as both a software and a cloud service are Indie-developers, startups, agencies, e-commerce providers and software companies.
Page load times have an immense impact on user behavior and business metrics. Amazon for instance found that already 100 milliseconds lost during page load reduce revenue by 1%. Baqend’s vision therefore is to enable developers to build applications with loading times below human perception.
Through 5 years of intensive research and development at the database research group at the University of Hamburg (project "Orestes"), we were able to derive database and backend techniques to solve this problem. The technical core of this research is the Cache Sketch method, which we employ to globally guarantee page load times that are more than factor 2,5 below those of comparable platforms. In our approach, expiration-based caches (e.g. browser caches and proxies) are kept consistent through Bloomfilter-based data structure, whereas invalidation-based caches (e.g. content-delivery networks) are proactively updated.
Baqend was initially supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and is now funded by a program for innovation-driven startups by the city of Hamburg.

For press inquiries please email: press@baqend.com

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Baqend is a startup that has its roots in the database group of the University of Hamburg. We have strong background in databases, distributed systems and web technologies.


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