We Are
Bringing performance research to practice.
Our team combines over 30 man- years of web performance research at University of Hamburg.
In 2014 novel technology for caching dynamic data went into Baqend.
In 2018 Speed Kit launched as a SaaS for e-commerce speed.
Our Mission
Baqend's mission is a web without loading times.

We develop a performance add-on that uses innovative caching algorithms to minimize loading times of e-commerce websites. Our product Speed Kit helps shops and brands to turn page speed into their competitive advantage. Speed Kit is a web performance insurance: added as a JavaScript, it accelerates websites by 50–300%. With its automatic optimizations, Speed Kit improves the user experience, increases the conversion rate and SEO ranking, offloads the server, and dramatically reduces marketing costs through lower bounce rates. Our technology is already leveraged by more than 6000 websites such as Baur in the Otto Group.

Meet the Team
These people simply love fast websites.

Felix Gessert

CEO & Co-Founder

Florian Bücklers

CTO & Co-Founder

Hannes Kuhlmann

Backend Lead & Co-Founder

Erik Witt

Team Leader

Chiara Steinmann

Recruiting, Sales & Office Support

Klaas Degkwitz

Onboarding & Development

Jörn Domnik

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Virginia Amberg

DevOps Engineer

David Weihmann

Onboarding & Development

Jan Göhmann


Wolfgang Schiffels

DevOps Engineer

Kristian Sköld

Chief Strategy Officer

Patrick Chimeudeonwo

Onboarding & Development

Kevin Twesten

Full-Stack Developer

Marian Schaub

Full-Stack Developer

Florian Zirkelbach

Customer Success Manager

Thies Wrage

Business Development Manager

Wolfram Wingerath

Research & Data Engineering

Sven Decken

Team Lead Onboarding

Theodor Bajusz

Onboarding & Development

Julian Schenkemeyer

Full-Stack Developer

Steffi Knapp

Business Development Manager

Brigitte Kwasny

Full-Stack Developer

Andreas Maier

Werkstudent BizDev

Denise Wimmer

Office Manager

Benjamin Wollmer

Research & Data Analysis

Bogdan Chayka

Full-Stack Developer

Daniel Schulz

Full-Stack Developer

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