Being Fast is Being More Successful

Making your page load 100 milliseconds faster will increase revenue by 1%. Our mission is to drop page load times below human perception. Read how.

Normal Backend
With Baqend-Caching

Baqend Cloud: A Fast, Hosted Backend

Baqend Cloud is our high-performance Backend-as-a-Service. It scales with your needs (starting free) and always delivers minimal latency. Learn more.

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Fully Managed

We take care of all the infrastructure, scaling and maintenance.

Powerful Database

Managing and querying complex data is Baqend's prime capability.

Global Caching

Baqend Cloud leverages global caching networks for latency at the physical optimum.

Business Logic

Easily run handlers and arbitrary code in the cloud.

A Serverless, High-Performance Backend

Baqend Explained

Baqend is a hosted backend, to help developers build instantly-loading websites with a novel caching algorithm. Our goal is to make your websites and apps fast, without you having to care about anything. Baqend is Software-as-a-Service that gives you a powerful API to develop scalable applications in less time.

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Self-Hosted & Global Caching

Baqend Enterprise

With Baqend Enterprise you can run our platform on your infrastructure (e.g. a corporate data center), while still making use of our caching integration with CDNs and other web caches for optimal performance.

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Private Cloud

Baqend Enterprise can be hosted on any infrastructure to give you maximum control.

Custom Integrations

Legacy systems (e.g. existing databases) can be connected to combine them with Baqend's algorithms.


If requested, we can help or fully develop websites and mobile apps ourselves and with partners.

Support & Training

For Baqend Enterprise, we offer on-premise support, training, set-up and maintenance.

Our team would love to help you get started.

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Baqend Community Edition

Download the Baqend Community Edition and start developing awesome applications in minutes. It's free for personal and commercial projects. If you do not want to host and install anything, try the free cloud service.

Installation Steps

Download and unzip the Baqend distribution

Run baqend on Linux/Mac or baqend.bat on Window

The web-dashboard opens and you can start hacking

Baqend is making the web faster

Why Page Speed Matters for Your Business

Today, an average web site takes 100 requests and over 2.3 MB to load. Studies have shown the dramatic effects of latency on user behavior. Here's what happens when your websites loads 100ms, 400ms, 500ms and 1s slower:

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